welcome to åre

Åre is the mountain village in northern Sweden which has a special place in the heart for many of our guests. With a rich selection of nature experiences, activities, restaurants, shopping etc. There is something that appeals to most people.
Above all, it is perhaps skiing that the thoughts go to, and during the period December through April it is mainly skiing that applies to our guests.
From the guesthouse it is two hundred meters to the Bergbanan which goes straight into the lift system. For information on lifts and descents, Skistar answers. 


The guesthouse is located in the center of events, within walking distance there is a fantastic range of restaurants with varied menus. In the square you will also find activity companies that can help with all kinds of activities and skirentals.

Summer in Åre

When the winter season ends in early May, the large activity range will start. Back restaurants are switched to outdoor cafés and skiers for Crosscountry and downhill cyclists. But there are also opportunities for hiking and running, fishing, golf, canoeing and outdoor life in general.
Just as in winter, restaurants and shops continue to be open to offer a living village together.


In addition to all standing activities, there are continuously organized events of various kinds. Most are in some way for everyone who is interested.